Describe a Dream You’ve Had More Than Once

This is my first WordPress: Post A Week! And I did in 100 Words, which was my own personal challenge.


I’ve often wondered why I have this recurring dream that I’m falling. Typically from a mountain, which is ironic, considering: 1) I’m horrifically afraid of heights and 2) I love to rock climb.

In my quest for an explanation I discovered, I always have this dream the night before going climbing. However, I just thought that it’s in response to every climber’s nightmare.  Falling to ones death.  But I discovered it’s much more.

People who dream they’re falling have insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties.  Mystery solved.  My dreams of falling aptly reflect my fear of heights and my love to climb.


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4 responses to “Describe a Dream You’ve Had More Than Once”

  1. Vic says :

    Are you afraid of the height as you climb up a mountain or are you afraid when you get to the top & see how far you’ve come? Interesting! I would think the same thing, that most climbers dream of falling before a climb.


  2. Maggie L R says :

    I am amazed that you love to climb if you are afraid of heights… good for you. I recently tried climbing and loved it but when it came to starting at the top and repeling down, I was too afraid of falling..


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