Day 2 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 2:  Tell about a character who lost something important to him/her.

“We’re playin’ for pinks,” Russell said.

“Pinks?” said Tony.

“Yeah. What did you think we were playin’ for?” Russel snapped.

“I wasn’t told we were playing for pinks.”

“Well, we are.  You in or out?”

Tony was pretty good at poker, but wasn’t sure about this.  If he lost it would mean that he would lose not only his pride and joy but his father’s too; a 1967 Chevy Impala he and his dad restored.  It took them years and thousands of dollars.  And when Tony graduated from medical school his father surprised him by giving him the car.  So, playing for pinks  didn’t really interest him.

“In or out!?” Russell bellowed.

“Hold on.”

“For Christ sake, Andy why in the hell did you bring him?” Russell said shifting anxiously in his chair.  He’s a goddamn pansie.”

He promised his dad he would stop playing poker, even though he was good at it.  His dad warned him he could get in trouble. ”

Russell was sitting at the table shuffling the cards. “In or out?” he said again.


“Good.  Let’s play. The game is 5 card draw.  You think you can handle that Antoinette?”

“Talkin’ smack early, are we?”

“Ante up Antoinette.”

“One hundred dollars.”

“Whew.  That’s steep” says Andy.

“Ante or get out” Russell says.

“Alright I’m in.” Andy says.  “One hundred dollars.

“What about you Fat Boy? Is that to rich for your blood?” Russell asks.


“Here we go boys and girl” Russell says dealing.


It was after one o’clock in the morning and they had been playing for hours.  Andy had been out since the third or fourth hand and Fat Boy finally cut his loses around eleven o’clock.  Russell and Tony kept going back and forth – winning and loosing.

“Alright, let’s stop pissin’ around and get this over with” Russell said.

“You want to go straight for pinks?”


“Alright.” As Tony shuffles the cards he asks, “What’s your bet?”

“All in,” Russell says pushing all his cash and his pink slip in the middle of the table.

“Pretty sure of yourself?”


“Alright” Tony says, pushing everything.

Tony deals the cards and Russell takes three and smiles.  Tony is to focused and doesn’t notice Russell smiling.  He takes one card.

“Whatcha got?”

“You first,” Tony says.

“Read ’em weep. A Straight Flush,” Russell says reaching for the kitty.

“Wait don’t you want to see what I have.”

“Like you actually have a Royal Flush.”

“I do.”  Tony says showing his hand.

Infuriated by his loss Russell convinces Tony to play a game of Hi/Lo.  The deal was if Russell got the Lo card he would get his cash and Tony’s cash, but if got the Hi card he would get both pinks.

Tony agrees and Russell hands the cards to Andy to shuffle.  Russell draws first.  After Tony draws they both show their cards.  Russell a four and Tony a three.  Russell takes his pink back and takes Tony’s.

“Two out of three,” Tony begs.

“Nope.  Sorry no do overs.” Russell holds out his hand with a big grin, “Keys please.”

Tony begrudgingly hands them over and turns and walks away.


Back at his apartment Tony wonders how he’s going to tell his father he lost the car in a game of Hi/Lo, especially since he already won another car and over four grand.  He sits on his bed thinking and figured he’d tell him the car had been stolen, but then he remembered his dad had the foresight to install a tracking device.

He resolves to try to get some sleep and pick it up in the morning.

Around noon neighbors flood 911 with calls of hearing what sound like gunshots and someone running away from Tony’s apartment.  When the police get to his apartment they find him alive and lying in a pool of blood.  “I knew he’d be disappointed.”  And he took his last breath.


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