This weekend’s Trifextra challenge was to use the following words: remember, rain, and rebellion in our piece.  I hope you enjoy.


He doesn’t remember — not for a long time.

“When is the rebellion going to be over?” he asks.


“Yes,” he says pointing out the window.

“Daddy, it’s raining.”

“Rain,” he says walking from the window.


This weekend’s challenge is community judged, so please make sure you stop by the Trifecta website and vote for little ‘ole me. :D.  Thanks in advance.


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12 responses to “Remember”

  1. Christine says :

    Very nice – I love how Daddy is stuck in the past. The subject is so sad, but very gently treated. Great job!


  2. kymminbarcelona says :

    So sad. but very sweetly rendered!


  3. nessa1313 says :

    Lots of undercurrents in this piece.


  4. Suzanne says :

    I really like this! It’s poignant and kind of sweet, in a way. Very creative use of the prompt!


  5. jumbledwriter says :

    The ambigious way it ends really makes me feel that the rebellion is never-ending, at least to the characters. It’s cool how you were able to show that.


  6. Ruby Manchanda says :

    I enjoyed this write up


  7. dailyshorts says :

    Hi Barbara thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked it.


  8. barbara says :

    ahhhh – rain.
    I have heard rain that sounded/felt like rebellion.


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