Change is Gonna Come

Day 3 of the Blogging A t0 Z Challenge is C = Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. Click HERE and HERE to learn how I came up with this. This is one of my all time favorite songs.  Changes come.  They may not come when you want them or they may not be the change you want, but they do come. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think. Justin stands atop the narrow rocky summit of Challenger Point with his arms outstretched. Sandra always felt protective of him.  “Be careful,” she says from below. “I’ll be fine,” he said tilting his head back a little.  Every Saturday Justin and Sandra climb one of Colorado’s 14ers, mostly for Justin.  He has lived in a fog for as long as he could remember and for some reason climbing helped to clear the fog.  Even though he was ascending into the clouds with every new step. He took long slow deep breaths and exhaled each one slowly.  “I wonder what it’s like up there,” he said to Sandra. “Up where?” “Up there,” he said with his arms still outstretched, bending further back, and opening his eyes.  “Beyond the sky.” More often than not Justin felt it’s hard living but at the same time suicide is not an option.  Not because he’s religious because he’s not and not because he didn’t know how he was going to carry out, but because he didn’t know what it was like beyond the sky.  And he has absolutely no desire to go from one hate filled world to another. This time he felt something different.  Some peace.  A tranquility he had never felt before.  He leaned back even further. He sat down and looked at Sandra.  “You’ve known me a long time Sands.” “Yup, since we were kids.” “And you know I’ve never been really happy except for when I’m up here? Right?” “Yes,” Sandra says looking at him with concern on her face. “It’s been a long time Sands.  It’s been a long time coming,” he said as he stood outstretching his arms again. Sandra stands along with several other hikers with worried looks. Justin looks at Sandra and smiles, “I know what’s beyond the sky now.” He falls to his knees clutching his chest and says with shallow breaths, “A change has finally come.  It’s been a long time coming.”

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6 responses to “Change is Gonna Come”

  1. riverand says :

    It’s funny, while part of me wants to feel shocked and worried with Sandra and the other hikers, I can’t help but feel relieved for Justin. As the writer, how did the ending make you feel here?


    • dailyshorts says :

      thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed it. I knew before I even started writing that he was going to die at the end, but didn’t know how. Then I wrote that suicide wasn’t an option. Oops kinda boxed myself in there. So, I went back up to the “Up there, beyond the sky” line and had an ah ha moment. I felt sad for him, but glad that he didn’t commit suicide.


  2. Megan says :

    Whoa! Very powerful


    • dailyshorts says :

      Thanks Megan. Sometimes you never know where you’re going with a story until you get there. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll come back and read more.


  3. Cathy Trowbridge says :

    I’m still thinking on this one. But I like your ideas! LOL Blog on!


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