Top 10 Pet Peeves

Over the weekend it appears that a good number of my pet peeves surfaced.  Most of them on Saturday as that’s when I ran most of my errands.  Usually these things happen gradually over the course of the week making it easier for me handle and digest, but for some reason it all culminated into two days.

I really need this warning.

  1. Tardiness — I am perpetually on time.  I hate being late and if I’m running even 5 minutes late I call and let someone know.  I value my time and others as well and I find it rather difficult and irritating when people don’t value other people’s time
  2. Rudeness — Not really going to go into this one because there are so many things that fall into this category
  3. People that don’t say “Excuse Me” — I was in Whole Foods on Saturday and was leaning over to pick up some yogurt and this woman reaches in front and clear across me to get some Activia.  She doesn’t say excuse me or pardon me.  Nothin.  So, I in all my irritated state say, “Excuse me, sorry am I in your way?” And she looks at me, turns red as a beet and only then says, “Excuse me.” WTF.
  4. Sunday drivers Monday thru Saturday — Enough said on this one.

  5. Anything with the U.S. flag on it made in other countries — If we want to tought made in America, why are things with the American flag being made in other countries.  Especially the American flag.  Confused.
  6. People in my personal space — When I’m standing in line and I can feel your nasty hot breath on the back of my neck, you are too close.  You are effectively in my personal space and you need to outstretch your arm and stand that far away.
  7. Made up words — This just burns my britches more than I can say.  “Pinky” is not a word, unless you are referring to your baby toe or the 5th digit on your hand.  It is not a color.  It is pink like.  Irregardless is not a word, and I’m starting to hear it more and more.  It’s regardless.  And the bottom line is Regardless how much you use irregardless it’s still not a word.
  8. People in customer service who text or accept a phone call before they will help you and or acknowledge you —  I was in the grocery store to pick up some things I didn’t/don’t get at Whole Foods and the cashier’s phone rang and she answered and started having a conversation.  Not about work and it definitely wasn’t an emergency.  She was just shootin the s**t.
  9. You Know” and “You know what I mean” — Actually, no I really don’t know until you tell me.  Drives me batty.  I’m not a mind reader and I have never claimed to be one, so until you tell me what you mean I have absolutely know clue.
  10. Parents that don’t/won’t control their children — It seems that nowadays there are more and more parents not controlling their little bundles of joy.  Letting them run loose in the shopping mall, throwing tantrums in the restaurant or some other public place; however the thing that gets me the most is when I a child back talk their parents.  I was at Target over the weekend and this child who was about 7 yelled at mother.  She said come on little “Johnny” let’s go look at some shoes for you.  And he followed that up with “No, I’m not going.  You go.”  I swung around and I wanted to know him to ground and her allowing him to speak to her that way.  And she didn’t even confront him about it.  If it were me my mother would have made sure that was last time I spoke to her in that way.  And as far as I’m concerned he can wear the same damn shoes until he’s old enough to get a job and go buy some.

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