My Name Is . . .

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?


Obviously my mother knew what she was doing when she named me Erica.  There really isn’t much to why she decided on Erica other than the year I was born “All My Children” made its infamous debut and good ole Erica Kane entered households.  My mom thought it was a good strong name and she liked the ring of it.  But I’m definitely not the drama queen Erica Kane was.

Well my name truly fits my personality when you go back and look at its meaning.  It’s pronounced AIR-a-ka and is Old Norse name meaning noble, alone, ruler, forever strong.  It is the feminine of the Scandanavian Eric.

I am typically a loner, which I definitely enjoy and I’m definitely bossy — hence the ruler definition and my mom has often said I am perhaps one of the strongest people she knows.  When I was an infant I almost died a couple of times as a result of severe asthma attacks.  I was in a car accident and technically should have been a goner, but came out with only minor cuts and a broken leg.  I’ve been knocked down and have gotten back up, dusted myself off, and got back in the fight.  I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  Watch out there now.

Another personality trait that folks have put on us Erica’s is that we’re quick-tempered.  I can only speak for myself.  I am not slow to anger.  I can go from 0 to Pissed Off in about .2 seconds.  Belive it not my temper has gotten better.  It’s kinda like the Incredible Hulk — you don’t want to make me angry.  You won’t like me when I’m angry. But there is always one person who has to test it out.

I used to want to change it to Bobbie or Alexandra (Alex), but it’s grown on me over the years.



7 responses to “My Name Is . . .”

  1. Ritu KT says :

    Thanks for the pingback! I always thought Erica was a beautiful name. Good that you are satisfied with it now!


    • dailyshorts says :

      Thanks Ritu KT for stopping by. I’ve heard that a lot. It seems as though its the rhythm of the name that people really like because they always talk about how it sounds. I hope you’ll visit again and I look forward to visiting your blog.


  2. Joe Owens says :

    i can only think of one Erica I have known over my lifetime. I like the name and wish it was used more instead of all the Ashleys in the world.


    • dailyshorts says :

      Hi Joe, that’s kind of interesting that you’ve only known one Erica. In my 10th grade English class there were three of us and we all spelled it differently (Erica, Erika, Ericka). It was funny because when our teacher would call out Erica we all looked up and acknowledged her in unison nonetheless. Then she started calling us by our first and last names, which we hated becaused it sounded like our mothers; so she shortened my name to E and called another by her middle name.

      I agree it should be used more along with a more traditional spelling. Not that I’m opposed to creativity.


      • Joe Owens says :

        My daughter is always talking about Hannah D. as opposed to Hannah J. or Morgan D. Johnson as opposed to Morgan S. johnson. I was the only Joe in high school in the classes I took, so i had no such issue.


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