They Never Saw it Coming

This is my first Friday Fictioneers.  Please enjoy.

Copywrite: David Stewart

“Jeff, we shouldn’t do this,” Peter said climbing the ladder after his brother.

“No, but it’s the best place to see Jensen’s cannon and fireworks show.

Peter, Jeff, Liz, and Ephraim sit atop the cool metal sphere waiting for dusk when the show begins.  Ephraim, the life of the party, somehow manages to bring a bunch of beer; and Liz, the fake princess, brought some weed.  They laugh, drink, and smoke while waiting for the first cannon-shot and fireworks.

It came with a loud boom followed by a stream of fireworks and a crash.  They never saw it coming.

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16 responses to “They Never Saw it Coming”

  1. zookyworld says :

    Ouch! Talk about mixing together things that shouldn’t be mixed. Welcome to the Friday Fictioneers!


  2. rochellewisoff says :

    First, welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Warning! It’s a habit that many of us don’t care to break. 😉 Highly addictive.

    Love the image of Admiral Boom. I recently watched Mary Poppins again after all these years.

    Hope your roof sitters wise up if they live through the 4th.




    • dailyshorts says :

      Hi Rochelle, thanks for the welcome. Mary Poppins is definitely one of my all time favorite movies. I’ll be sure to check out Friday Fictioneers next week. 😀


  3. Sandra says :

    Way to go, as they say. Snappy little piece.


  4. Jan Brown says :

    Oooh, quite a shocking end! Nicely done.


  5. JKBradley says :

    I think this is a great story and is something I can see a much younger version of myself being part of.

    I wonder if the verb tense shift was intended.


    • dailyshorts says :

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. No the tense shift wasn’t intentional. Thanks for the catch. That’s what happens when you write something in 10 minutes while at work.


  6. sustainabilitea says :

    An unhappy Fourth for them!



  7. vbholmes says :

    I think the guy who fired the cannon had shared in their stash–I heard he thought it would be funny to give them a little scare.


  8. Kwadwo says :

    That’s the wrong place for alcohol and weed. They were no wiser.


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