A Short A Day

A Short A Day has been my own personal challenge since I began blogging in September 2011.  I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen, especially if I was writing anything over 500 words and more importantly if I wanted to write anything worth reading.  Since then I’ve written sporadically.  I’ve even done a few 30 day challenges, which I didn’t complete for one reason or another (school, work, uninspired, etc.).  And on top of that it seemed a daunting task.  However, I do believe I have found the perfect way for me to write a short a day and enjoy it and not have it feel like a chore.

About 4 months ago I ran across a writing meme — Trifecta Writing Challenge.  I thought why not give it a shot and see what happens.  It was the first time I had written anything so short before and it definitely was a challenge for me.  But most importantly I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I may not have won that weekend, but I had fun nonetheless and I felt like I accomplished something.  If you’re interested in finding out more click here or the link in the sidebar for a complete definition and rules.  Definitely recommend it for us long-winded writer’s.

So, I’m going to live up to the name “A Short A Day” by writing stories between 50-100 words Monday — Friday and one or two longer pieces over the weekend.  The longer pieces may be extensions of the shorter works from earlier in the week.  That is if the spirit of the writing gods deem it necessary to expand the story.  My plan is to use the Word of the Day I get from Wordsmith.org as my inspiration, which will be posted along with its definition under the aptly named tab “Word of the Day”.



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4 responses to “A Short A Day”

  1. Josh Magill says :

    There is also “100 Word Story” that you can submit to. I’ve submitted a couple, and I know that my editor at The Review Review, Becky Tuch, just had one published there. Check it out here: http://www.100wordstory.org/


    • dailyshorts says :

      Thans Josh for the recommendation. I’ve heard of that, but never looked into it because I hadn’t planned on writing anything that short — or rather I didn’t think I could. Now that I’m doing this I will definitely give it a look see.


  2. Joe Owens says :

    I like your plan. If you are interested there is a flash challenge I found where you write 100 or less words to a specific one word prompt and then submit it for the chance to have it published in a quarterly publication. The publication is called “Flash in the Pan.” You can find more info at my blog or by looking at the post there titled Flash in the Pan – Done.


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