Trifextra: Week Eighty — Tooth

This week the folks over at Trifecta Writing Challenge have given us TOOTH as our one-word prompt, which is actually pretty àpropos as I just came from the dentist.

Enjoy and please make sure to check out the other Trifectans who dared to brave this challenge.

Michael hit face first.

“Dude! Awesome!” Jacob said.

“You look like shit.” said Peter

Michael spat out blood and a tooth maybe two.  “Ground shit is more like it, when my mom sees.”


Here’s a little personal story.  Going to the dentist causes a whole lot of . . . well, just look at the picture.  Enough said. Right?

This is me after I leave the dentist.  Halle’freakin’lujah!


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20 responses to “Trifextra: Week Eighty — Tooth”

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! says :

    Ouch and astonishing.


  2. Christine says :

    Oh, jeez – boys! 🙂 My eldest chipped his first tooth when he was 2. I’m dreading the day he knocks one out…


    • dailyshorts says :

      Yes boys will be boys! 🙂 At least he just chipped a baby tooth. Hopefully he doesn’t knock one out and if he does he has the money to get it fixed. You’ll have have to wrap him in bubble wrap like in the Rav4 commercial. 🙂


  3. Ivy (Mommy Dourest) says :

    Ouch! Great use of your 33. A fun, yet cringeworthy, piece. 🙂


  4. unevenstevencu says :

    cool vernacular i could hear the different kids voices


  5. Gabriella says :

    Ouch, that hurt! Although I must confess that I am lucky enough never to have had a tooth out.


  6. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) says :

    Anothor one hits the dust…


  7. Draug419 says :

    Ouch. I winced.


  8. jannatwrites says :

    Ooh, face plant is never a good move 😦

    I have anxiety when I go to the dentist, too. As a kid, my mom hauled me in there to have teeth pulled and didn’t even tell me until we were in the car. I only had ten minutes to work myself into a nauseous frenzy 🙂


    • dailyshorts says :

      Parents often trick us. I was pretty fortunate that my mom didn’t do that, but I’ve always hated going. I’ve never had a tooth pulled 🙂 My dentist does want to take my wisdom teeth out because I keep biting my cheek, but I refuse.


  9. summerstommy2 says :

    This could easily be me, though I imagine you might need two to get me through the door.


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