Top Ten Fav Commercials

Today in church my pastor referenced an M&M’s commercial in which the M&M was singing, “I would do anything for love.” After service a group of us started talking about the commercial and some of our favorites.  This got me to thinking about my favorites of all time.  So, here is my list.  Enjoy!

10.  Coca-Cola Mean Joe Greene

9.    Where’s the Beef?

8.   Budweiser –Frogs

7.   Budweiser — Team Clydesdale

6.   Budweiser — Brotherhood

5.   VW –The Force

4.  AT&T Kids (I had a hard time choosing. I love all these commercials)

3.   Cartier (L’Odyssee de Cartier)

2.  Lexus ‘Steps’

1.   Geico Humpday

I had to add this one in too.

9/11 Budweiser Clydesdale’s Tribute

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2 responses to “Top Ten Fav Commercials”

  1. artisticmilestone says :

    Wonderful collection of commercials, i love the 5th one, so cute! 🙂


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