Keep Moving Forward (KMFP) Pt. 1

All she knew was abuse.  She sat on the cliff’s edge and considered turning back as she looked at the canyon floor.

“Keep moving forward!”

Drew spread her arms and jumped.  A sense of peace came over her as she fell to the canyon floor.  She pulled the ripcord and landed as gracefully as possible.

She unhooked the parachute, looked up and smiled.

“Keep moving forward,” Drew said looking down and rubbing her swollen stomach.

Word Count — 75


Flash in the Pan is a themed quarterly publication, but there’s a catch — only the first 250 linked writer’s will make it into the publication.  So, write quick.  The deadline is 30 September.

This quarter’s theme is “Finding the Path”.   Flash in the Pan gives a word that ties into the theme and each word has a maximum word count.

For this challenge, I chose ‘Forward’ with a 75 max word count. Enjoy and make sure you stop by and read what other flasher’s have written and of course join the fun if you dare.

Flash in the Pan


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