He pushed the button and the table lurched forward.

She felt her foot crack first. Then her leg.  Then her ribs cracked. “Can’t breath.”

“I can stop this.  Just say the word.”

Gagged.  She pleaded with her eyes.  He grinned and pushed the button. Darkness fell with one last crack.


Word Count: 50


It’s a new quarter at Flash in the Pan.  They’ve come up with a new theme, new words and a new flashes for our writing and reading enjoyment.

This quarter the theme is DISTURBED.  And I’m going to try to channel my inner Poe, King, and Lovecraft.

I’m starting off with CRACKED, a 50 word max Hot Flash.  Enjoy!

And by all means, please let me know how I’m doing.

Flash in the Pan


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