KMFP Part 2

This is a continuation to Keep Moving Forward.  To read more about how this came to be and The Keep Moving Forward Project (KMFP) click here.  If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear it.


She only had a couple of hours before Alex realized she wasn’t home and this would be the first place he’d look.

After hiding the parachute in the thicket Drew suddenly doubled over in pain.  There was another worse than the one before.  The pain was coming fast and each one more intense than before.

“It’s not time,” she said as she winced and screamed.

“Drew,” the canyon echoed.  “I know you’re down there.”

“Alex.  Damnit.  He must’ve got off work early.”

Alex doesn’t skydive so it would take him over an hour to get to the canyon floor.  She had no choice, but to go into the woods.

“By the time he gets down here,” she thought “it’ll be dark and that pussy won’t come lookin’ for me.”  She knew the woods better than anybody and could travel them day or night.  However, she also knew that Alex is an excellent tracker and would catch up to her, if she didn’t start moving.

But with the contractions coming every few minutes she wasn’t sure if she’d make it far enough away.  She quickly packed up the parachute to use for shelter and headed into the woods.


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