Three Men and a . . .

The minxes over at Trifecta have come up with an interesting challenge.  For this challenge they have given us the 99th page of the Oxford English dictionary and have asked that we choose a word and any definition and write a story consisting of 99 words.

Here is my take on the prompt.  I hope you enjoy and please make sure to stop by and read everyone else’s stories.

This week is community judged, so make sure you vote.


“Another Bacardi shot for my pal,” Jake said.  “It’s his last weekend as a free man.”

“Guys, I really should go,” AJ said.

“Have a little fun while you still can,” Patrick said.  “As a former confirmed bachelor, I recommend you enjoy”

“Last one,” AJ said.

“Yup.  In many ways.  Let’s go,” Patrick said slyly.

“Hotel bar means hotel room,” Jake said.

“Which means the party ain’t over,” Patrick said.

Annalese and AJ were celebrating their one year anniversary with Patrick, Jake and their wives when a woman shoves a baby at AJ.

“Here you take care of him.”


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11 responses to “Three Men and a . . .”

  1. atrm61 says :

    A surprise Anniversary gift,lol!Enjoyed this!


  2. jannatwrites says :

    He might want another drink right about now!


  3. Christine says :

    Oooo, ouch! That would be awkward indeed!


  4. Kir Piccini says :

    well that’s going to be awkward..and he’ll have some explaining to do.

    nice write!


  5. KymmInBarcelona says :



  6. trifectawriting says :

    Love where you take us in this write, very nicely done. Thanks for linking up! (From the Trifecta Minxes!)


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