Day 13: NaBloPoMo — I am a Gummie Bear Snob

From time to time I crave certain sweets and this time it was Gummie Bears.  I just so happened to be at a certain store that shall remain nameless.

Awww! Isn’t he adorable!?

I’m doing my shopping and before I leave I go in search of Gummie Bears.  Not just any gummie bears. Haribo gummie bears.  The only ones to ever cross my lips, which the store that shall remain nameless carries along with their brand of gummies.  When I got to the section where they are — they were not there.  I paced up and down the candy aisle as if they were magically going to appear.  They didn’t and I made a decision that would later solidify why I only eat Haribo.

I returned home.  Actually, I lie.  I cracked those babies open as soon as I sat my happy little tale in the car, fished out a couple as I backed out of my parking space, popped one in my mouth, and proceeded to say, “What the . . . How in the hell can you mess up gummie bears.”

Now I’m no expert on gummie bear makin’, but for the love of the gummie bear at least get close to the formula. Even Slugworth sent spies into the Wonka Factory to find out his secrets. I urge you.  I implore you.  Please find your Slugworth.




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3 responses to “Day 13: NaBloPoMo — I am a Gummie Bear Snob”

  1. Jen and Tonic says :

    I always open candies as soon as I get in the car! No sense in waiting during that long drive home.


  2. rarasaur says :

    When I ate sugar, Haribo gummies were my candy of choice. I couldn’t stand american brands, or … *shudders* off-brands. I love your gummy love, ha! Also, this was JUST sent to me and I thought you might like it too :


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