Part VI: One Story 26 Days

Here is part 6 of my one (1) story over 26 days for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. If you missed any of the parts click HERE

Part 6 begins with ‘Finally’ and ends with ‘Gym’.

Make sure to keep up because at some point you guys are going to throw a Boomerang into the story.

So, without further delay — Part 6. Enjoy! :) and as always constructive criticism is always welcome.


Finally. Mindy corners me in the staff gym. She says she knows who killed Jay, but doesn’t have proof.

“Who,” I ask.

As she sits on the bench, I pull the blade from my bag and stand behind her — one hand on her shoulder and the other clutching the handle.

“Thomas Preston.”

“Hmm. Wrong,” I whisper. “Dead wrong.” I see the fear in her eyes as I move the blade slowly across her throat.

Stepping over her, I could hear a faint gurgling when I call Tommy to tell him, “Something needs to be cleaned up in the gym.”

See you tomorrow for Part 7.😉

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21 responses to “Part VI: One Story 26 Days”

  1. Caroline S. says :

    This is a really cool idea, I will have to look into the A-Z challenge, and I really like you’re writing! These seem like a great way for me, a beginner, to get into a good writing habit and explore my creativity.


  2. WriterlySam says :

    Whoa! That was short and to the point *literally, that’s got to get messy*

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti


  3. Glenda Cates says :

    Great job and I did enjoy the post but I need to go back and read them all as it is my first time here.


  4. gapark says :

    Just stopping by on the A-Z hop. read this post first, then had to go back to read them all! This was by far the best so far! nicely done. Gail


  5. A Daft Scots Lass says :

    An incredibly ambitious thing to do for the Blog challenge…there are so many writers in the mix. Enjoy the rest of the challenge


  6. LindaGHill says :

    This is a really cool story:) I’m doing the same thing as you – A-Z on my regular blog plus a story on my fiction blog to correspond. I found you through OM – nice to meet you!
    Looking forward to your next installment!😀


  7. Savannah says :

    I love short stories like this, especially yours. You are a great writer!! Can’t wait for more (:


  8. Rose Ponce says :

    I love little short stories like this, especially yours. You are a great writer


  9. Vee dC says :

    What?! I had to go back and re-read the others just to make sure I didn’t miss something. Lol. Ready and waiting for part VII.


  10. Sara C. Snider says :

    Well that was unexpected. It was a little confusing because it’s not clear he’s holding a knife. The handle mentioned I kind of figured to be a tennis racket handle or something, since he’s in a gym. Overall though, very interesting. Looking forward to seeing where you take it.:)


    • dailyshorts says :

      Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by and the feedback. I have to admit I did struggle with that and knew that it was going to have to be rewritten. I’ll most likely do the rewrite after the challenge.


  11. Kimberly says :

    I admire that you’re writing a short per day. How do you do it? Do you use an outline?


    • dailyshorts says :

      Hi Kimberly, no outline. I pretty much wrote the story before the challenge than tossed much of it; so I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants right now. It’s a great challenge in brevity as I can sometimes be longwinded.


  12. Sammy D. says :

    Hi just quick note to say I have a few busy days so will come back later this week to catch up. Yours require more time because I review to keep the thread. (My faulty memory capacity, not your doing!)


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