Part VII & VIII: One Story 26 Days

Just a really quick note. This past week has been really really hectic, and on Monday (yesterday) my mom had open heart surgery. I’ll be helping my dad take care of her, so I may not be able to finish this story during the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.


Yesterday, I was having a bit of brain fart and couldn’t get this out. Here are parts 4 & 5 of my one (1) story over 26 days for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, and I do believe a mystery is afoot. If you missed any of the parts of the story or need a refresher click HERE

Part 7 begins with ‘Good’ and ends with ‘Help’.

Part  8 begins with “Help’ and ends with ‘In.’

Make sure to keep up because at some point you guys are going to throw a Boomerang into the story.

So, without further delay — Part s 7 & 8. Enjoy! :) and as always constructive criticism is always welcome.


Part VII

“Good, and I want to make sure there is no chance this can get back to us,” Tommy said. “Perfect. You’ll have the money tomorrow.”

Right before Charlie called Tommy on Friday Detective Braden had given him a list of employees and more clients Detective Soloman wanted to interview Monday. Mindy wasn’t on the list, but Preston was. Tommy knew Preston would lose it under pressure. Even if he weren’t guilty he would certainly make himself the primary suspect.

“That’s it. The police can have Preston, while I handle Mindy.”

Snickering, Tommy presses a button on his keyboard. “Run for help.”



“Help me. Somebody, please help.” Tommy kept replaying the sound bite and snickering.

“No one’s coming to save you, but aren’t you glad someone helped you out of your miserable existence? You should be,” Tommy chided the monitor.

Tommy’s mother said, “He’s some type of computer genius.”

True, he mastered C++ by age 9 and by the time he was 12 he was hacking into the “so-called” unhackable government systems. Child’s play.

He met Charlie because he got caught. He got sloppy and made a rookie mistake and Charlie followed his every keystroke right out the backdoor he came in.


See you tomorrow for Parts 9 * 10. 😉

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3 responses to “Part VII & VIII: One Story 26 Days”

  1. Rhonda Parrish says :

    I hope your mother recovers fully and quickly.

    Also, I admire the fact you’re trying to write a story over the course of this challenge. Even without the real life obstacles you’ve got, that is quite an undertaking.


  2. In my own words says :

    What an interesting undertaking – writing a story within a month, during the A to Z Challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading several of your blogs and plan to go back to the beginning so I can catch up! Keep up the good work!


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