Day 1: Writing 101 – Unlock the Mind

writing101Today starts a new challenge, Writing 101, which is brought to us by WordPress. The thought behind this challenge is to get you writing every day.

Today’s assignment was to do 20 minutes of free writing. Now free writing and I have never particularly gotten along. I have taken many a creative writing class and belong to a creative writing group and when the time comes to free write, I always manage to feel the need to edit a few sentences in and then I just can’t go any further.

So, here it goes.

The first thing I think about in writing this is that being in my head is a dangerous place and having said that I give you fair warning that the words that spew out here I cannot be held accountable for I cannot be held accountable for anything that is written here.

Well, didn’t even make it a sentence without an edit. Not necessarily a record considering that first paragraph is a run-on and a pretty good one at that.

Love is a losing hand, blast you Amy Winehouse. I should probably change what’s on my iTunes playlist because right now Ms. Winehouse has taken over my head. Maybe some Daughtry or Def Leopard or maybe some Sade – “Your Love is King”.

Alright let’s try to focus on what I hope to get out of this Writing 101. “So we are history.” Damnit! Gotta stop the timer, if not you’ll be get nothing but random Amy Winehouse lyrics. Ha which actually might make for a really interesting post.

iTunes playlist changed to 80’s One Hit Wonders, which is easy enough to tune out.

Back to what I expect to get out of this Writing 101. I have a lot going on so blogging writing my short stories often takes second place at best. I’ve What I hope to do is find some happy medium between writing my short stories and posting them and everything else that life throws at me. I’ve been focusing a lot on my second blog and I was hoping with the A to Z Challenge in April that would jumpstart me back into writing and it kind of did and then life happened and I wasn’t able to do both blogs. That sucked because I was having fun with the short story. Now having taken so much time away from it, I really don’t have a desire to come back to it, but at the same time I don’t want to scrap it. Perhaps this challenge will help me to get that mojo back for finishing that the story. Don’t know.

Having a couple of squirrel moments now. I’m hungry and it’s past my dinner time. So, do I have a bowl of cereal or a PB & J or a bologna sandwich. I need to go to the gym tomorrow. Where are my orthotics? Perfect excuse not to go to the gym. Right?

Well, that’s my 20 minutes. Wasn’t terribly bad. Surprised at how ridiculously organized this is.

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2 responses to “Day 1: Writing 101 – Unlock the Mind”

  1. kazg10 says :

    I like how your mind works and I hope you went for the Bologna sandwich – its called Devon in Australia. I just think you are quirky enough to follow for a good read:)


    • dailyshorts says :

      Thanks for the feedback and the follow. This ‘Unlock the Mind’ is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m definitely pretty quirky. I might do more of these in the future.

      I did go for the bologna sandwhich. Hmm, I’ll have to learn the different terminology in Australia. I’m planning a vacation for next year.


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