Harvest Time

This week’s Flash! Friday prompt. Enjoy and as always feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

St Kilda, Scotland. CC photo by Neil Wilkie.

Hirta knew the stone hut with its mossy grass roof was the perfect place to raise the children, until they reached maturity.

Anders matured first and Stella was sent to fetch the warden. When they returned Stella was perched on his back, as she was too weak to walk.

“Anders,” Hirta yelled. “Come get this child!”

Hirta chided Stella as Anders lifted her from the warden’s back. “The warden is never to carry you.”

“She ran out of the life tea,” the warden advised calmly.

“She had enough for a week,” Hirta bellowed. “Go! Prepare the tea,” She commanded Stella.

As the warden was inspecting Anders, Stella emerged with the life tea.

“Anders is strong and well built. He’ll make a good worker,” he said sipping the tea. ” However this one will never mature. What shall we to do?”

“Send her to be harvested for the hungry and make sure I get two fresh eggs by weeks end.”

Word Count: 158 


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