Day 6: Father and Son

Day 6 of the 15 Day Writing Challenge:
Write a story that contains the following words: mask, armor, and steal

Mark put on his mask as they were pulling into the Quick Mart. He checked one more time to make sure the gun was loaded.

“What are you doin’?” Justin asked. “I thought I told you no guns. This guy’ll hand over his mother in order to save his own hide.”

“Reassurance. In case the old man tries anythin’.”

Justin shook his and said, “Alright. I knew you was a lose cannon when I agreed to partner up with you.”

Mark tucked the gun between his muscular back and waistband as he and Justin entered the store.

Justin yelled to the clerk behind the counter to put his hands up. The clerk obeyed and said, “You, you, you can take whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me.”

“Who said we wanted to steal anythin’?” Justin said laughing. “All’s I wanna do is have a little fun,” he said as he kicked the glass case in. “Isn’t this fun?”

The clerk didn’t answer.

Justin stopped in mid kick and turned to clerk with coldness in his eyes. “What, you don’t think this fun?”

The clerk didn’t answer again. He just stared at him and soon they were both staring at each other.

Holding out his hand, Justin said “Give it to me.”

Mark pulled the gun from its hiding place and Justin snatched it from him.

“Look old man, you’re killin’ my buzz.” Justin said holding the gun to the clerks chest. “Maybe, I should . . .”

A shot rang out and both Justin and the store clerk fell to the ground.

“We got ’em, pop,” Mark said running behind the counter.

His father is lying on the floor with droplets of blood on his face and clothes.

“Yep, good work son,” he says winded. “We’ve gotta stop doin’ this. I don’t know how much longer this old armor is goin’ to keep me from meetin’ my maker.

“Ah pop. It’s got a lot more life in it than us. Where do you want this one?”

“There’s already a whole dug for ’em in the yard. Just put ’em out there.”

Alright apparently, I have no writing style. I’ve entered in 5 different stories into this I Write Like site and have come up as writing like 5 different authors. This time it’s:

James Joyce



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