#SoCS – Melanie

socs-badge-2015I’ve been a bit remiss in my SoCS participation. But that’s okay, right? I’m using this week’s SoCS prompt, ‘finger’, as today’s 10-minute writing exercise prompt. And as always feel free to share your thoughts.

Melanie sat her desk and traced her hand with her eyes. For some reason she always did this when she was bored or stumped. She took notice that her index finger was almost as long as the middle finger. She often wondered why that was so, but the query was often short-lived. Today she sat at her desk across from some purported some bodies and they were droning on about something she could care less about and as she repeatedly mentally traced her hand her mind wondered even more.

Pick Troy up from school at 3:45. Go to the grocery store. What did John say he wanted for dinner? Balls! My god what are they droning on about? Make sure Dennie has her permission slip signed for the science trip. Pick up. . .

Melanie’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard a loud bang and saw a bright flash out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, people were screaming and running and there was immediate chaos. Then she felt something warm and noticed one of the drones had fallen. She looked down and saw she was covered in blood. Another one of the drones was cowering on the floor. She tried to quickly assess the situation, but she couldn’t get her brain to think. Then she felt something hot on her chest. When she looked down she saw blood. She touched her hand to her chest. . .

Rats! I didn’t get a chance to finish. Another 10 minutes and I think I could have.


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10 responses to “#SoCS – Melanie”

  1. LindaGHill says :

    Oh no – a cliffhanger! I hope you’ll finish it for SoCS this week! 😀


  2. Miss Andi says :

    I gotta say I’m intrigued!


  3. trentpmcd says :

    Cut off by the bell, and poor Melanie – it doesn’t look to good for her….


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