#SoCS – Tiresome

socs-badge-2015I had other plans for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I had originally planned to use this as my 10-minute writing prompt, but it wasn’t inspiring me creatively. So, I sat down and started thinking about the word – tire, and was coming up pretty much empty as to what to write. Then I called upon the Google gods to help me find some words and lo and behold  when I saw the word – tiresome it clicked

I’m an introvert by nature, but Monday thru Friday I play an extrovert from 8-5 and that within itself is a job all its own and quite tiresome. Those introverts that are reading this know what I mean. You’re never fully refreshed and you come home everyday as if you’ve worked 40 hours during your 8 hour work day. And when the proverbial lunch bell rings you dash out of there to find some quite place to recharge, be alone with your thoughts.

Typically, I find myself taking a walk outside and on nice days I sit outside on the plaza with my notebook and pen in hand and do some writing or brainstorming some story idea.

I don’t know if other introverts feel this way, but I find many people to be tiresome. It seems as though most of the people I associate with always have something to complain about or they’re having a pity party and want me to join in. They’re depressives. I don’t consider myself a depressive, but I do listen (note to self: stop, turn around and walk away) to their complaints and from time to time get drawn into their pity party, which really ticks me off. I’ve come to the conclusion that I must change my paradigm and set better boundaries because I’m pretty tired of being dumped on.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) is hosted by Linda G. Hill. If you’re interested in participating stop on over to her blog, read the rules and write whatever ‘s on your mind. It’s pretty fun.

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2 responses to “#SoCS – Tiresome”

  1. ghostmmnc says :

    Definitely! Too much chatter from people, just grates on me, so I have to be by myself awhile, to read or write or just look out the window.


  2. trentpmcd says :

    yep, being an introvert I can totally relate….


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