Day 1: [A]bigail Morton

Hi all! So it has begun Blogging from A to Z. I’m a little behind, but not to worry I’ll be caught by Monday. Just in case you’re new here. I’m writing 26 short stories (500 words or less) for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. You can read my theme reveal here.

I hope you enjoy them and as always please feel free to share your thoughts.

Abigail Morton. What can one say about Ms. Abigail Morton? She was mean. She was spiteful. She was hateful. Indeed she was all of these things and much more, but in spite of them she was the kindest person you’d ever meet. She took care . . . took pride in what she did for others. Abigail

or Abby as she insisted on being called, made sure our loved ones had the greatest send off they could. And here we are today giving her the best send off we can give her.

Abigail Morton was a staple in the community. The only connection to our harried past. A past we’ve kept buried goin’ on for nearly 70 years. Now it’s gone. Gone for good.

“Mom,” Jaylen whispered.


“Is the same thing gonna happen to you?”

“No sweetie, why would it?”

“Because she left you them books.”

Jaylen’s mother laughed a soft raspy whisper laugh and glanced around the church to see if anyone was listening. “Oh those ain’t history books,” she whispered. “They just some ole books Ms. Abby had layin’ around. Now keep quiet and listen to what the preacher’s sayin’.”

Sarah was scared. She knew that if anybody ever found the books, she could end up lying dead too.

We can relax now and go on with our lives – without fear, the preacher said. Let all of our fears be buried with Ms. Abigail Morton. Amen.


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12 responses to “Day 1: [A]bigail Morton”

  1. randommusings29 says :

    Great story, keep it up! I hope you get back to it


  2. Amanda Fleet says :

    Enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to other posts!
    Amanda (stopping in from


  3. T. Powell Coltrin says :

    This is great. Hey we all get behind. This A-Z is a huge task.


  4. Ramya J S D'Rozario (@samantha_rjsdr) says :

    Keep up the spirit! Can’t wait to read some more!

    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass


  5. Roger Karny says :

    go, Erica. You can do it!


  6. stephie5741 says :

    Great A post! Can’t wait to read the rest of your stories.



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