Day 11: [I]t’s Not Over

I had to regroup. After rereading some of the posts, I didn’t like the way my original theme was turning out. Hope you enjoy and as always feel free to comment and leave constructive criticism.


Andrew rocked back and forth on the sofa, wringing his hands and shaking his head. He stopped rocking and wringing and shaking long enough to say, “It’s not over.” Nobody  knew what he meant, but mom said if Andrew said it – whatever it was wasn’t over.

Mom knew and could relate to Andrew better than anybody. Dad wanted to have him institutionalized, but mom wouldn’t hear of it.

“They’re going to do it right this time,” Andrew said. “We’re going to be laying on the ground dead. Soon. Tonight.”

As soon as he said that we all knew what he was talking about.

I remember dad searching for his cell. Mom frantically picked up the land line and discovered there was no dial tone.

“They’re coming. Almost here.”

Dad yelled at me to get our ready bags. I retrieved the bags from the hall closet; and we grabbed as much fire power as we could before heading for the tunnel in the basement, that dad and others from the program had built. We ran a little over a mile down the tunnel and came out at the aqueduct. Dad instructed us the best way to survive was to separate. Mom would take Andrew to Bristol and I would go to The Chateau and he would head to the Arms.

“They’re here,” Andrew cried out. “They’re going to do it right this time. We’re going to be laying on ground dead. Soon.”

“We’re going to be fine, Andrew,” Mom said as she shoved him the middle and steadied herself with her weapon.

I could hear could hear the bullets whizzing by and feel the heat. We returned fire and one by one our pursuers fell to the ground. I felt something was wrong and froze. I noticed that our pursuers were falling as if being shot from behind. Soon the gunplay ceased and Marshall and Joseph emerged. Dad smiled and sighed in relief.

“How’d you know?” he asked.

“I saw them arrive. I got the boys together and had hoped to get here before they did.”

Andrew was still whimpering in the middle. “It’s over,” Mom said consoling him. “We’re safe.”

He looked up at Marshall and said, “It’s not over. We’re going to be lying dead on the ground. Soon”

As soon as Andrew said that, Marshall and Joseph raised their guns at Mom and Dad and fired before they had a chance to ready themselves.

Marshall said calmly, “We don’t want you or your brother. It was always them they we were after.


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