10-Minute Writing Exercise

I haven’t felt much like writing lately, but today I decided to gather my laptop, journal, pen and pencil and head to my local coffee shop, do some people watching and maybe get a little bit of writing in.

I was doing a bit of people watching and searching for story starters because nothing was coming to me. Then I spotted this elderly gentleman and the first line that was generated was similar to the one that starts my story. So, I set my timer for 10 minutes and this is the result. I think has good bones and I’m anxious to see where it goes.

He sat quietly observing them, watching them as they uncovered his hiding place. He sipped his coffee and smiled slyly each time they unearthed a new one. He contemplated if he should tell them to check the yard next door, too but decided against it as there wasn’t much to unearth and there was no need in implicating himself. Nearly half a century had passed and they were still no closer to discovering him. He remembers them all. The first one was especially special after all it was the first. It gave him a sense of accomplishment and he knew that if he could do this he could do anything. One a year he vowed, but sometimes it was two. He had a signature, but they hadn’t figured it out until the 15th one.

He was clever from the start. Leave no evidence. Nothing that could tie it back to him. Dispose of everything. Don’t let anything linger. He did, however, have over souvenirs. He carried them around in that black bag. Never out of his sight. Never far away. Always in arms reach.

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