NanoPoblano 2018

It’s been 2 years since I last posted and not for want of posting, but because I haven’t been writing. A lot has gone on. Perhaps I will catch you up at a later date, but for now let me say I’m eager to be back.

I chose this month to start posting again because I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month, which is a month-long challenge to post everyday in November. And well, for me it was just the perfect time to get back into writing and posting.

But Erica, why is post entitled NanoPoblano 2018?

A: It’s simple really. A few years ago a blogger misunderstood NaBloPoMo and thought she heard NanoPoblano, so every year a group of us get together and join the blogging fun. We like to call ourselves Cheer Peppers! If you’re interested in joining us check out this post.

The plan: Each day I will post a short story (maximum 300 words), which will begin with a sentence from the current book I’m reading. You can see what I’m reading and of course follow me over on Goodreads.

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One response to “NanoPoblano 2018”

  1. grannyK says :

    welcome back!


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