Day 1: [A]bigail Morton

Hi all! So it has begun Blogging from A to Z. I’m a little behind, but not to worry I’ll be caught by Monday. Just in case you’re new here. I’m writing 26 short stories (500 words or less) for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. You can read my theme reveal here.

I hope you enjoy them and as always please feel free to share your thoughts.

Abigail Morton. What can one say about Ms. Abigail Morton? She was mean. She was spiteful. She was hateful. Indeed she was all of these things and much more, but in spite of them she was the kindest person you’d ever meet. She took care . . . took pride in what she did for others. Abigail

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I came across this flash fiction (Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner) challenge by happenstance and I’m always up for a challenge.

Winnie opened the letterbox to find a card advising there was a letter she needed to sign for at the post office. She was perplexed because she wasn’t expecting anything. Then she thought maybe it’s the paperwork from the lawyer settling her father’s estate. She resolved to stop by the post office on her way to work.

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SoCS – Mommie Dearest

socs-badge-2015As I was pondering today’s SoCS prompt – ‘egg’, I thought how could I turn this into a short story. More specifically a piece of flash fiction of no more than 200 words. The first story I wrote was incredibly boring so it shall not be posted – well maybe I’ll post the handwritten version, but reader beware it’s a snooze fest.

So, here is another. I hope you enjoy the irony.

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SoCS – An Unfortunate Incident

socs-badge-2015When I saw today’s SoCs prompt – food, I immediately thought back to a couple of weeks ago. It was Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. I was prepping vegetables for an omelet when one finger decided it was not going to get out-of-the-way of the super sharp ceramic knife. Well, needless to say this unfortunate incident required a trip to the emergency Read More…

Friday Fictioneers – “That Old Roadster”

This weeks Friday Fictioneers story is inspired by the photo below. I love antique cars and this photo had me with a rare case of inspiration overload. Don’t forget to stop by and read the other Friday Fictioneers posts.


PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes

Billy and the rest of the caravan pulled into the lane and came to a stop on the gravel road.

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#SoCS – Tiresome

socs-badge-2015I had other plans for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I had originally planned to use this as my 10-minute writing prompt, but it wasn’t inspiring me creatively. So, I sat down and started thinking about the word – tire, and was coming up pretty much empty as to what to write. Then I called upon the Google gods to help me find some words and lo and behold  when I saw the word – tiresome it clicked

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