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Day 2: NaBloPoMo — Jackie

Originally Day 9 of my 30 Day Writing Challenge:
Write a story that has the following words: mask, armor, and steal.

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Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts.  They are always welcome and appreciated.

Jackie (that’s what I called him) was an average ordinary kid who could steal your heart with those big brown, puppy dog eyes and a smile that lit up the room.  But something happened a few months ago that took away those vibrant eyes and his smile.  I asked, “what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” was always his reply.

“Well, when you want to talk, I’ll be here,” was always my response.

I sent him to a therapist because, really what teenage boy wants to talk to his mom?  After the first few sessions Dr. Collins and I met for an update on Jackie’s progress or lack thereof.   Read More…

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