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Nanopoblano Day 2:

I didn’t like the story I’d written for today, so I went back into the archives. Enjoy!!

The Ink Slinger

Kevin could feel the cold cutting through his clothes. He and the other soldiers huddled together trying to keep each other warm. Winter came early.

Kevin had only recently fallen off to sleep when Captain Torres roused him. “They’re on the move,” he said. If there is one thing Kevin has learned from Torres is that you must always be battle-ready. He scramble to his feet and roused the rest of his troop. They quickly lined the top of the trench with barely the tops of their heads showing.

The only thing they had time to think about was making sure the bullets in the chamber hit the designated targets. They could not concern themselves with the melted snow in their boots or the smell of frying bacon.

They called Kevin ‘Eagle Eye’ because he could see anything a football field away without binoculars. Scanning the field, Kevin spotted movement…

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NanoPoblano 2018

It’s been 2 years since I last posted and not for want of posting, but because I haven’t been writing. A lot has gone on. Perhaps I will catch you up at a later date, but for now let me say I’m eager to be back.

I chose this month to start posting again because I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month, which is a month-long challenge to post everyday in November. And well, for me it was just the perfect time to get back into writing and posting.

But Erica, why is post entitled NanoPoblano 2018?

A: It’s simple really. A few years ago a blogger misunderstood NaBloPoMo and thought she heard NanoPoblano, so every year a group of us get together and join the blogging fun. We like to call ourselves Cheer Peppers! If you’re interested in joining us check out this post.

The plan: Each day I will post a short story (maximum 300 words), which will begin with a sentence from the current book I’m reading. You can see what I’m reading and of course follow me over on Goodreads.

15 Day Writing Challenge

Beginning Monday, August 10th, I’m starting a 15 day writing challenge. I will write 15 short stories over 15 days, excluding Sundays.

Why am I doing this? I want to get back into writing and I’m hoping by doing this it will reset/jumpstart my writing again. I’m also doing this to develop writing and blogging habits.

For the challenge I’ll be using the following prompts.

Day 1:  Use your MP3 player.  Hit shuffle and use the fifth song on the playlist as inspiration.  Include a lyric or lyrics as part of the story.

Day 2:  Write a story about a family on vacation.

Day 3:  Write a story in which your character finds a family heirloom/artifact. Describe the object and its significance.

Day 4:  Write a story that takes place in the kitchen. Read More…


A blogger I follow Opinionated Man (OM) over at HarsH ReaLiTy put a Flash Friday Fiction challenge and I decided why not jump in and have a little fun. The challenge was to describe a city. Enjoy and please check out the others who have joined in on the fun.


my mother asks every time we talk, “when are you coming  home?”

“it’s not the same,” she says. “it’s like a big city now.” she tells me about how main street doesn’t look like main street anymore and how there are lots of job opportunities.

she never wanted me leave home. more specifically she didn’t want me to leave the farm. truthfully it wasn’t much of a farm. that is if you can call one scrawny cow that gave enough milk (on a good day) for my dad’s morning coffee, a few chickens, a three-legged rabbit, an unwanted fox, a mangy dog, and a goat a farm, then yep that was our farm. the best thing about it and the town really was the verbena field. i remember waking up to that smell — fresh squeezed lemons. that smell doesn’t exist in the city unless it comes from a bottle and that smells like a chemical.

my mother sent me some dried verbena Read More…

Flash in the Pan — ‘Remote’: Which One?

Dexter sat quietly. The remote perfectly placed at an angle on the armchair.

He pushed 1, then 2, then 3.

“Which channel tonight?” asked Dexter’s wife.

“Three,” he said pushing the button.

“Excellent, “said his wife. “I’ll invite her over tomorrow. There’s room for another down there.”

Smiling at his wife, “Yes, please do.”

Word count: 50

This Flash in  the Pan challenge has a 50 max word count — Remote.  Enjoy and make sure you stop by and read what other flasher’s have written and of course if dare join the fun.

Day 9: NaBloPoMo

Originally an A to Z Challenge prompt:
I came up with a list of some of my favorite songs.
This story uses as inspiration Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like a Star”

Make sure to stop by NaBloPoMoYeah Write, or Rarasaur to show your support.
If you miss a post, you can catch up by going to my NaBloPoMo page.
Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts.  They are always welcome and appreciated.


“I’ll never feel the same way about anyone else,” Abby said as she stood in the doorway and watched them drive away.  With tears streaming down her face she closed the door and headed to the living room.  “It’s not fair.  I finally found the love of my life and they’re taking him away from me.”

“Perhaps you did, but it’s not meant to be,” Abby’s sister said calmly.  Sobbing, Abby threw herself on the sofa.

Crying into the cushion Abby said, “He’s an angel.  He makes me feel alive.”

“He’s fifteen.”

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