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Day 8 – Nanopoblano – The Boy

I’m a behind in my postings, but never you mind. Here is Day 8. Enjoy!

“Anyone else happening upon the scene might have noticed an unusually composed eight-year-old boy,” Sheriff Darnell said. “But when Doc Hammond found the boy, he immediately knew something was wrong. The boy, we don’t know his name yet or where he came from – the boy,” Sheriff Darnell continued, “was in a state of shock. Catatonic.”

“Sheriff can you tell us what happened?” one reporter yelled out.

“The only thing I can say is that we don’t know what happened. We don’t know if anything happened. We don’t have a crime scene. We only have a little boy who was found by the lake and is non-verbal.

“Where’s he from?

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Sheriff Darnell paused. “We’re going to need y’alls help. Humph. Usually I’m trying to get y’all to keep quiet, but this time I’m asking y’all to put this out there. Radio. TV. Newspapers. Read More…

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