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Day 5: 15 Day Writing Challenge

Day 5: Your character wakes up with a key in his/her hand.  How did he/she get it?  What does it lock and unlock?

When Benny woke up he didn’t know where he was or how he got there

His hand was oddly numb and when he tried to move it he couldn’t. When he looked at he noticed a key was duct taped to it and a note pinned to his shirt. Read More…

Family Heirloom

Day 3 of my 15 day writing challenge is:

Write a story in which your character finds a family heirloom/artifact. Describe the object and its significance.

Betty couldn’t bear to have her grandmother’s house sold at auction, so she and her husband bought it.

The house was in pretty bad shape, but she loved to turn shabby things into something sheik. The first thing she and Bill attacked was clearing out the house. Her gran was a bit of packrat. Actually, the proper word is hoarder. As she and Bill were shoveling newspapers, food wrappers, water bottles, etc into trash bags Bill hit on a what sounded like a hollowed out part of the floor. Read More…

Family Vacation

Day 2 of my 15 day writing challenge was to write a story about a family on vacation. All, I’ll say it went in a bit of a different direction.

Robert always hated family vacations. It never failed that something would go wrong. Every year right after they returned his,wife would start planning the next one.

“Kids what do you want next year,” she’d ask when they got home and before the car even had a chance to cool down. The kids would enthusiastically belt out where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

Robert swore next year would be different. Read More…

15 Day Writing Challenge

Beginning Monday, August 10th, I’m starting a 15 day writing challenge. I will write 15 short stories over 15 days, excluding Sundays.

Why am I doing this? I want to get back into writing and I’m hoping by doing this it will reset/jumpstart my writing again. I’m also doing this to develop writing and blogging habits.

For the challenge I’ll be using the following prompts.

Day 1:  Use your MP3 player.  Hit shuffle and use the fifth song on the playlist as inspiration.  Include a lyric or lyrics as part of the story.

Day 2:  Write a story about a family on vacation.

Day 3:  Write a story in which your character finds a family heirloom/artifact. Describe the object and its significance.

Day 4:  Write a story that takes place in the kitchen. Read More…

Harvest Time

This week’s Flash! Friday prompt. Enjoy and as always feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

St Kilda, Scotland. CC photo by Neil Wilkie.

Hirta knew the stone hut with its mossy grass roof was the perfect place to raise the children, until they reached maturity.

Anders matured first and Stella was sent to fetch the warden. When they returned Stella was perched on his back, as she was too weak to walk.

“Anders,” Hirta yelled. “Come get this child!”

Hirta chided Stella as Anders lifted her from the warden’s back. “The warden is never to carry you.”

“She ran out of the life tea,” the warden advised calmly.

“She had enough for a week,” Hirta bellowed. “Go! Prepare the tea,” She commanded Stella.

As the warden was inspecting Anders, Stella emerged with the life tea.

“Anders is strong and well built. He’ll make a good worker,” he said sipping the tea. ” However this one will never mature. What shall we to do?”

“Send her to be harvested for the hungry and make sure I get two fresh eggs by weeks end.”

Word Count: 158 

The Savior

My take on this weeks Friday Fictioneers.

There it sat amongest the cobwebs and boxes, a painful but joyful reminder of years gone by.

Sarah didn’t understand why I kept it. I told her, “it’s a reminder that this ram gave its life to save Isaac’s.”

“Abraham,” she’d always say shaking her head and with a chuckle. “You don’t really believe this ram saved Isaacs life on that mountain, do you?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” One thing is certain, if it hadn’t been there Isaac and I would have starved to death and Sarah never would have forgiven me for killing her only son.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Adam Ickes

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