#SoCS – Melanie

socs-badge-2015I’ve been a bit remiss in my SoCS participation. But that’s okay, right? I’m using this week’s SoCS prompt, ‘finger’, as today’s 10-minute writing exercise prompt. And as always feel free to share your thoughts.

Melanie sat her desk and traced her hand with her eyes. For some reason she always did this when she was bored or stumped. She took notice that her index finger was almost as long as the middle finger. She often wondered why that was so, but the query was often short-lived. Today she sat at her desk across from some purported some bodies Read More…

Stream of Conscious Saturday

socs-badge-2015What can an SoCS newbie like me write about? Good question and I haven’t a clue. So, I guess the best thing is for me to embrace stream of consciousness. I wanted to write a stream of consciousness short story, but drew a blank. Like brain fart blank.

I have a lot on my mind, not bad stuff, just stuff and I’m nursing a headache; which is one reason why Read More…

Friday Fictioneers – Father and Daughter

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Fictioneers and I thought as part of my new writing regimen, I would start doing this.

So, here you go. And as always constructive criticism is welcome and very much appreciated.



Read More…

10-minute Writing Exercises

This year, I have resolved myself to do more writing and one way I’m going to do that is by doing a 10-minute writing exercise every morning.

I was a bit of an overachiever today and did two. I won’t always post them, but I’m pretty proud that they are somewhat coherent and that I have the makings of a couple of stories.

***Note: The 10-minute writing exercises are unedited

Exercise #1 – Graduation

Every time Aubrey looked at her watch she wondered what he was doing. She thought maybe he was on his way to pick her up, but deep down she knew that he wasn’t. She looked  at her watch again. It read half past three. Usually he’s at work, but not today. He went off somewhere Read More…

Sunday Dinner

Mandy loved Sunday’s. That’s the day the family got together. This was the one day in which traditional gender roles were accepted. The women in the kitchen and the men in the living room. The house was full of love,  laughter and stories. Mandy’s grandmother was the best storyteller. Every Sunday she would tell the story of how she and Mandy’s grandfather met. Everyone knew the story by heart, but it was still funny. And every Sunday someone would inevitable Read More…

It’s Over

Nifst gammelt hus -|- Eerie old house by 彡erlingsi on Flickr

Nifst gammelt hus -|- Eerie old house by 彡erlingsi on Flickr. Click on the Photo to go to Erling Sivertsen Flickr page

It was an unusually cold fall day as Jackie waited for the estate agent to arrive. She had forgotten how cold it could get here and was completely unprepared for the frigid temperature. When the agent arrived 10 minutes later, Jackie could barely feel her toes and her fingers were completely numb. She hurried into the estate agent’s car and took control of the thermostat, turning it all the way up.

“Shall we go to the house or the hotel first?

“The house,” Jackie said shivering and rubbing her hands together. “Let’s get it over with.”

When they pulled up to the house Read More…


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